Gerene Fox

Real Estate Broker/Staging

Current hometown: Tacoma

Years in Seattle: 15

My loves: Proud mom to daughter, Ainsley.

Specialties: Buyer's and seller’s agent, interior design, and relocation.

From my colleagues: 

For a variety of reasons, Gerene never ceases to amaze us. First, there is her extensive knowledge of houses, thanks to her numerous remodeling projects. Second, is her ability to calmly handle whatever conflict comes her way, which, in the real estate world, is a necessary and valuable trait. We often look on in awe at her heaping-full plate of responsibilities and how easily she navigates the demands of the day, acting as though everything is business as usual. Lastly, her tenacity for learning coupled with her ability to think outside of the box, makes her a force to be reckoned with! We couldn't be happier to have her as Unlock Seattle’s South Sound warrior!


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