Lyrica Hart

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Education: University of Rhode Island

Traits: Empathetic, diplomatic, down-to-earth, intuitive, strong work ethic, unafraid of tough conversations that result in a better outcome for my clients.

Favorite real estate conundrum: Figuring out which walls I can take down. I love an open floor plan.

From my colleagues: 

There is no pomp and circumstance with Lyrica. She has a knack for making people feel comfortable and at ease. Buying or selling a home can be a high-stress experience, and Lyrica is always willing to act as a sponge in order to deflect stress away from her clients. Lyrica overcame a lot of adversity to be where she is today, and her empathy and concern for those around her is evident on a daily basis. She brings a fresh approach to how real estate should be conducted, and it is these high standards of service that ensure Unlock Seattle stands out in an industry where everyone has an aunt or a friend "in the biz." 


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