Stephanie Hart
Designated Broker/Owner

Owning a small business has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl bustling with entrepreneurial spirit, much to the chagrin of the poor souls who lived in my neighborhood. After graduating from the University of Denver, I landed back in my hometown of Seattle where I eventually decided to blend my experience gained from previous jobs into something I was passionate about, because life is just too dang short.

So this ex-collegiate athlete, counselor at a youth correctional facility, health/life insurance peddling turned financial services representative decided to get into the real estate business during...THE RECESSION!

But the one thing I know about myself is that I work the best and the hardest when my back is up against the wall, and I survived, and then I thrived, and in the middle of it all, I found my soulmate in life, and in livelihood.


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